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School Board Work Sessions are informational meetings held in the Sunshine that are topic-specific where no action is taken.

Previous work sessions: 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013

Please see the calendar listing below for dates, times, and topics of both previous and upcoming Work Sessions

2017 Work Sessions

December 2017 - Joint Worksession with Seminole State College

11/7/17 - Student Placement & Growth Trajectories

10/10/17 - Open Discussion Between School Board Members

9/26/17 - Strategic Plan Update

9/5/17 - Budget Public Hearing

8/31/17 - Charter School Application Review 

8/1/17 - Open Discussion Between Board Members

7/25/17 - Budget Public Hearing

7/25/17 - Legislative Priorities

6/27/17 - Open Discussion Between Board Members

6/20/17 - Joint Work Session with Board of County Commissioners

6/6/17 - Budget

5/30/17 - Joint Work Session with Insurance Committee

5/9/17-Policies and Economic Update

5/9/17- Health Care Options

4/25/17 - Budget-CANCELED

4/18/17 - Joint Work Session with Seminole County Association of Student Councils

  Agenda   School Board Approved Summary

4/11/17-Impact Fees

  Agenda   School Board Approved Summary

4/4/17 Direct Support Organizations/School District Report Cards

  Agenda    School Board Approved Summary

4/4/17 - Insurance

  Agenda    School Board Approved Summary

3/27/17- Policy Amendment/Repeal/Development

  Agenda    School Board Approved Summary

2/28/17- Policy 5.32: Proposed New Policy on Controlled Open Enrollment

  Agenda    School Board Approved Summary

2/7/17-Seminole County Educational System Advisory Committee

 Agenda    School Board Approved Summary

2/7/17 - Open Discussion Between Board Members

 Agenda    School Board Approved Summary

2/2/17 - Joint Work Session with Business Advisory Board

  Agenda    School Board Approved Summary

1/24/17- Public Hearing on the Rezoning for Longwood Elementary

  Agenda    School Board Approved Summary

1/24/17 - Joint Work Session with the Foundation

  Agenda     School Board Approved Summary

1/17/17 - Public Hearing on the Rezoning for Longwood Elementary
  Agenda     School Board Approved Summary

1/17/17 - Joint Work Session with the Seminole Health Department
  Agenda     School Board Approved Summary 






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