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Director, Teaching and Learning   Shawn Gard-Harrold 407-320-0186
Elementary Education    
Coordinator- Curriculum & Reading  Dr. Leslie Durias 407-320-0193
Literacy Specialist   Shannon Cadden 407-320-0158
Elementary Math Specialist   Hanady Elsayed 407-320-0273
3-10 Math Specialist   Mia Keyser 407-320-0249
Title 1 Literacy Specialist  Patricia Goldman 407-320-0586
Title 1 Math Specialist  Dr. Katie Harshman 407-320-0403
Title 1 Literacy Specialist  Jane Moore 407-320-0246
Literacy Specialist   Rebekah Boothe Corley  407-320-0305
K-8 Science Specialist   Dr. Rachel Hallett-Njuguna 407-320-0189
 Environmental Studies Center Specialist  Casey Perales 407-320-0453 
Secondary Education     
Coordinator - Curriculum & Reading   Dr. Jessica Webb 407-320-0386
6-12 Math Specialist   TBD 407-320-0151
Language Arts/Writing Specialist    Lauren Hamilton 407-320-0446
Reading Specialist   Kim Menard 407-320-0529
PE, Health, Drivers Ed., Music, Art   Mary Lane 407-320-0192
K-12 Social Studies Specialist   Ilene Haney 407-320-0125
9-12 Science Specialist   Vanessa Moosavifazel 407-320-0139
3-10 Math Specialist   Mia Keyser 407-320-0249
K-8 Science Specialist   Dr. Rachel Hallett-Njuguna 407-320-0189
3-10 Literacy Specialist  Pam Ferrante 407-320-0086
Professional Learning     
Coordinator - Professional Development  Dr. Michelle Pisani 407-320-0211
Digital Research/Resources Specialist  Linda Lyster 407-320-0523
Digital Integration Specialist   Robert Wakelyn 407-320-0213
Digital Literacy Specialist  Kathryn Dixon 407-320-0194
Digital STEM/Robotics Specialist   Stan Palmer 407-320-0362
Instructional Practice Specialist  Joe Fife 407-320-0190
Instructional Resources    
Manager, Blended & Digital  Patrick Kelly 407-320-2642
Finance Specialist  Julie Myers 407-320-0163
Instructional Materials  Debbie Renne 407-320-0351
Online Instructional Designers    
Online Instructional Designer  Jesus DeLeon 407-320-0525
Staff Support     
Application Software Specialist   Carol Beyner 407-320-0160
Finance Specialist  Edna Casella 407-320-0155
Secretary  Shay Howard 407-320-0496
Data Specialist  Gail McQueen  407-320-0266
   FAX  407-320-0288


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