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Carrier Plan/Policy Number Customer Service Website & Network
Medical Plans: CIGNA 3337309 1.800.244.6224
Employee Assistance Program: Cigna 1.877.622.4327
Prescriptions: Cigna 1.800.244.6224
Dental Insurance: Assurant I-453 1.800.442.7742
PPO Network= Assurant Dental Network (DHA) Prepaid Network= Prepaid Dental Series
Buy up Vision Insurance: United Healthcare SEME 1.800.638.3120
Flexible Spending Accounts: MyCafeteriaPlan 1.800.865.6543
1.937.865.6502 (claims fax)
Short Term & Long Term Disability: CIGNA LK8316 (S.T.D) LK8317 (L.T.D) 1.800.362.4462
Disability in Lieu of Medical: Mutual of Omaha GUG-6K71 1.800.877.5176
Life Insurance: ReliaStar Life Ins Co. 65741-7
Accident, Cancer & Hospital Indemnity: Colonial Life 1.800.325.4368
Long Term Care Insurance: UNUM 067229 1.800.227.4165


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